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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Modelland. Dream come true.



**siapa yang tengok ANTM (America's Next Top Model), tau lah amende tajuk tu referring** 
yang xtengok, buat2 tau je lah.

It was last Tuesday, 20 March yg sangat bersejarah, was the day of my very 1st photo shoot with a magazine. For by karangkraf utk may 2012. 

It is always been my dream to become a model (a runaway model to be precise)..
but naah, as time goes by, i was just something to remember, no longer in my "things to achieve" list. 
But, opportunity came when i least expecting it. butikpinkku was asked to sponsor the magazine giveaway, in return, we got 4 page spread in the magazine. 

On top of that, ive offered myself being a model. LOL! It's time to grab it.
Btw, im a opportunist.

**we opened a booth in UiTM @ the same day, i am super tired!**

**after make-up**

totally different! the make up look sweet and my skin look flawless! 
ehem! dan adelah MUA2 kat sane cakap muka fara cam doll. Kembang kuncup sat. 

**putih giler gigi beliaw!**

**me ngan tokey DalzButton**

feewit! teruja.

ps: seyes xbuleh blah. one of my very best experience!


Anonymous said...

wow =D congrates...btw, mmg look gojes like a doll pon..

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