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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where to Coach?


Ive recently bought 3 Coach items, in 3 diff blogshops.
(in 3 different ways, to be precise)

I first bought this bag from CatchThatCoach.
The pricing was great! Big deal!

This was, USD158,
Bought for MYR470.

I saw much blogshops selling way, expansive.  
The service was great too! 
My items arrived in less than a week after payment.

Great thing is that most of the stuff are ready stock, and you don't have to wait 
loooong for that Coach Bag you adore.

Coach Madison Patent Skinny Wallet 46618 

And, i bought this beauty via VSHUB.
They are technically a personal shopper, who help me sho in US!
I literally shop in US without even going there :D

Hah! This cost me:

(include shipping + tax)

Its a new arrival! All worth it.
VSHUB service is great to get things that is:
- not available in Malaysia/ limited items stock
- available in ebay/ anywhere else, but they don't ship to Malaysia.
- huge SALE in US/ new arrival! (like mine)

Since VSHUB is a actual company, all reply are quite frequent.
I once worked here, and i know they are real company.
Waited  only 3 weeks for this lovely purse.

Coach Large Flap Leather WRISTLET

Only MYR345
(no idea how much it is ni USD)

This is for my mom.
The orange are actually nice, never expect her to choose this color -.-"

Bought this for Polaris Impian Corner.
Great service!

Thou the bag only arrive in 4 weeks after ordering,
the service was great. She replied me constantly.

Great news is that, they also having in stock items.
It drives me crazy.
Hate that!

#great tips:
1) please google things that you are interested to buy, before ordering.
2) reads comment/ wall/ drop them intro email to check how efficient are they.
3) check the pricing.

thanks. best of buying!


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