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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Which princess are you?


Yes, we sell various types of hijab. Indeed.
And we want you to puchase. That is soo true.
We also want you to purchase according to your need. Not just things that satisfy you the most. 
Most of the hijab comes with their package. 

Here are some MUST HAVE for specified need. 
You may choose, which princess are you really?

1) The Jasmine (Vacationers).
Suggest: Shawl Malas/ crumpled cotton. 
Reason: Easy to wear, no folding, no ironing. 
Simply put it in any room left in your luggage. 

2) The Snow White (Moms).
*they is no Princess with babies, but Snow White got 7 dwarf*
Suggest: syria cotton plain, tudung super ekspress, syria plain.
Reason: on the go. no pins, safe for babies, no chance of loosing any pins. 
ps: no ironing too, and easy for maintenance.
extra tips: choose bold colors to look young.

3) The Mulan (Active).
Suggest: always choose cotton base items. Baby Cotton is the best.
Reason: it chill and absorb sweat. Really comfy to wear for daily used.

4) The  Cinderella (Pretty and Neat)
Suggest: Chiffon and satin base items.
Reason: i don't like these material much (obviously i'm not the Cinderella). But if you love to do extra work to look good, chiffon and satin are always a good choice. 
It normally comes with vibrant colors and great for the weekend (the ball) look.
5) The Tiana - (the princess frog)
*she's bold and different*
Suggest: Animal Print looks best and turban (or both combined) !
Reason: (i don't think we need explanation), 
but animal prints are always for those who dare to be different or want to be the center of attentions. 
Don't you think?

6) The Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Suggest: she can wear anything!
Reasons: she's a pretty face, lying on the bed. Of course she can wear anything. Oh, maybe she can use a rainbow colors to attract her prince. 

7) The Belle (rare type)
Suggest: custom-made items.
Reasons: of course you hate to look like others. Custom-made items are perfect for you. You won't be seeing any other person wearing the same thing as you did! (or dating the same prince?)

ps: these are just for fun, or maybe you can use it as a guide. can you? 

pps: we've just upload our new arrival! visit to shop!



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