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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wholesale AVAILABLE!!!!


Good day to all! 

Very happy to announce, some items are also available for wholesale! 
(Items are as followed)

Shawl Sateen (custom made)
Shawl Thai Silk (custom made)
Shawl Anya (custom made but random color)

Shawl Cotton Plain (random color)
Shawl Jojet Plain (random color)
Pashmina Plain (random color)

Inner Neck (custom made)
Inner Cotton (random color)
Inner Cotton Awning (random color)

please note:

**you may choose your fav colors for custom made items**
**as for 'random colors' items, we will choose on your behalf. But you may note which color is you fav, and we will choose accordingly.**

**payment must be made within 24hours after order confirmation**

Price: email for price list n quotation.



miss nadya said...

fara...dah boleh order sekarang ker?

Dayana AZ said...

wholesale ni cmne ? :P

Captain Jet said...

is there any colour scheme that i can pick from? said...

@miss nadya, yup.. buleh order skarang ... isi order form tau yang~ said...

@Dayana, ni utk yang nak bli min 10pcs yang~ said...

@Captain Jet: u may have a look @ the link ^.^

Captain Jet said...

kalo beli byk dpt murah sket ke? said...

Haah Captain... min purshase, 10pcs utk each design,,, dpt murah bnyk.. ;)

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